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Millennium Master

Millennium Master

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Millennium Master is a comprehensive and cost-effective OBD2 scanner with a 5″ super large HD touchscreen.

  • 9 special reset functions including Oil/SAS/EPB/DPF/TPMS/Battery/Immobilizer Reset/Brake Bleed/Injector to maintain your vehicle systems safely and efficiently. It can also perform full detection on vehicles' four main ECU systems like check engine/ABS/SRS/Auto Transmission, allowing you to turn off check engine/airbag/abs light, and read transmission temperature, etc.
  • Supports full OBD2 functions: quickly read/erase codes, view live data/freeze frame, retrieve I/M readiness monitor status, check O2 sensor, do On-board monitor test/EVAP test, auto read vehicle information, built-in DTC lookup library. It works with most 1996 and newer American, European, Asian vehicles, which supports OBD2 Protocol.
  • Auto VIN scan allows you to get your VIN and vehicle info quickly. 
  • Lifetime free update online via WiFi
  • Supports live data recording and graphing
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