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Millennium OBD

Millennium OBD

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Millennium OBD is a budget-friendly, entry-level diagnostic tool, making vehicle diagnostics accessible to all. Millennium OBD allows for cost-effective and convenient updates through free software downloads, ensuring ongoing value for users.

  • Vibrant 2.8" TFT color display, the scanner allows clear visualization of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), live sensor data graphs, freeze frame data, and vehicle information.
  • Supports full OBD2 Functions: quickly read/erase codes, view live data/freeze frame, retrieve I/M readiness monitor status, do On-board monitor test/EVAP test, read vehicle information, built-in DTC lookup library. It works with most 1996 and newer American, European, Asian vehicles, which supports OBD2/EOBD.
  • Check Engine Light: Turns off the MIL, when you have repaired the faulty components, cleared the fault codes, and turned on the vehicle's ignition, you'll be surprised to find that the check engine light has turned off.
  • Supports the detection of car battery voltage.
  • Supports 8 languages like English, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish.
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